Holistic landscape design certificate

Holistic landscape design certificate

It will also appeal to home owners interested in enhancing their residential property with carefully planned landscaping. The field of study offers an excellent opportunity for combining creative flair with scientific study and drafting and design skills. View courses available this term under Program of Studies. Interested in taking a single course? No problem. Provided you have the appropriate prerequisites, these courses can be taken individually or as part of the full program.

  • Urban Design
  • Gateway Qualifications Level 3 Certificate in Landscape Construction
  • Holistic Landscape Design
  • Continuing Education Courses
  • Certificate in Holistic Landscape Design
  • Horticulture
  • HNC/ HND Garden & Landscape Design
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Urban Design

Landscape Architecture is the perfect combination of art and science, urban and rural, living systems and sculptural form, historical precedent, and innovative vision. It is the profession of the future. This generation of landscape architects will need to devote themselves to planning and designing healthy cities by creating stronger connections between people and the natural world. Check out the video that provides an overview of the School of Landscape Architecture and discover how the Academy of Art University will prepare you for a successful and gratifying career in landscape architecture.

Our revolutionary online courses provide the same rigorous education that we offer on campus with greater flexibility. Our online programs are purpose-built to deliver art and design courses. Study on your own time, at your own pace. Combine online and on-site classes. Find Out More. Check out her project! Your dream is within reach. Follow your heart and get started on the career of your dreams. The latest in software and equipment is essential to preparing you to enter the work force, which is why we keep up with current advancements in the technology and industry practices that affect landscape architecture.

Whatever the pros are doing and whatever the pros are using is what you will find in our classrooms and studios. Our instructors are practicing professionals who represent some of the leading landscape architecture firms in the world. They bring their expertise, knowledge, and networking opportunities directly into our classrooms. See how Jason Jeon used his knowledge of virtual reality to bring his Landscape Architecture graduate thesis to life.

As one of the top art and design schools in the country, Academy of Art University landscape architecture graduates have a range of opportunities to choose from. Our facilities, faculty, and hands-on learning approach are designed to provide you with the tools you need to succeed as a landscape architect. What We Teach Landscape Architecture is the perfect combination of art and science, urban and rural, living systems and sculptural form, historical precedent, and innovative vision.

Advanced Digital Graphics. As a landscape architect, effectively communicating your vision to your client is essential to success, as a professional. We teach you how to apply advanced rendering software and interactive modeling to clearly illustrate your design intent.

Ecological Foundations of Design. You learn to interpret and analyze the landscape, refining your knowledge of the interconnected natural systems involved in designing a landscape. Such systems include climate and water systems, plant life and wildlife habitat, soils and terrain, and geologic processes. You learn to map and record this information and use it as a basis for design decisions in studio. Designing outdoor space is all about people. Landscape architecture is, at its very core, a pursuit of sustainability and resilience.

These courses emphasize resolving contemporary design challenges with real world projects and clients. You explore innovative details, strategies, and systems of landscape construction throughout the design process.

Sculpting the earth and controlling the movement of water across it are crucial skills that differentiate landscape architecture from other design professions. We teach you strategies and calculations to create accurate grading and drainage plans that incorporate functionality and artistry.

The Ridge Lane Project. Start Your Career Now Your dream is within reach. Request Information. View All Faculty Bios. Jeff McLane. Student Work. Daniel Correia. Tim Ruess. Avery Yang Hu. Ivy Rong Sui. Rex Yibin Que. Nahal Sohbati. Chris Jia Zhong. Brenda Heng Cao. View All Student Work. Featured Alumni. Jason Jeon. MFA Landscape Architecture. Code 4 Media Group. The reason I chose the Academy was games and architecture. Jason's Story. Careers in Landscape Architecture As one of the top art and design schools in the country, Academy of Art University landscape architecture graduates have a range of opportunities to choose from.

Your career starts here. Take the first step. Or call to request more information about this program. Landscape Architect. As a landscape architect, you'll analyze, plan, design, and implement natural as well as built environments of all scales. Design and plan the restoration of disturbed natural places and systems such as stream corridors, wetlands, forested areas, and mines.

Garden Designer. As a garden designer, you'll be responsible for planting, irrigation, and some hardscape design for residences and estates, Work with other designers and staff to create a holistic vision of urban spaces in this exciting career.

Master Planner. Abstract an idea in spatial forms as a master planner. You'll envision and design large-scale communities and lead the design process from conception to final construction.

Gateway Qualifications Level 3 Certificate in Landscape Construction

Coronavirus: Latest information for centres including Adaptations forThere is a significant skills gap and skills shortage in the landscape and horticultural industries. This market is significant in the UK and is growing as we increase our understanding of the importance our environment has in the quality of life and health issues and future environmental protection. This qualification has been designed for those who would like to work as landscapers and is intended to meet industry needs for professional hard landscapers who understand the needs of soft plant based landscaping and vice versa.

The course provides a holistic perspective of land ethic values that will frame how and why native plants work in our landscapes. The course will connect time.

Holistic Landscape Design

Our websites may use cookies to personalize and enhance your experience. By continuing without changing your cookie settings, you agree to this collection. For more information, please see our University Websites Privacy Notice. Landscape Architecture Major Website. Ornamental Horticulture Minor. Turfgrass Management Minor. This major in the Department of Plant Science provides instruction in site planning and design, landscape history, plan graphics and presentation, and the use of plants and other features to enrich exterior spaces. Through seminars, practicums, and internships, students learn to apply theory to actual case studies. Students may pursue careers in landscape architecture and related fields or apply for graduate programs in landscape architecture and planning.

Continuing Education Courses

The 3rd semester consists of an internship and will help you to gain practical experience in authentic working environments. In the 4th semester you will complete your master thesis for graduation. You have expertise in designing and planning cities and territories and want to focus on sustainable open space and landscape design and development. Information about the application process can be found on this page.

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Certificate in Holistic Landscape Design

The Permaculture Design and Resilient Ecosystems Diploma is a 9-month program that provides training for participants who are interested in creating resilient and regenerative systems and lifestyles within the context of Permaculture design processes, tools, methods and strategies. Providing an immersive curriculum in permaculture design, this training goes above and beyond basic training and includes courses in:. My experience in the Permaculture Design and Resilient Ecosystems Diploma has been life altering in all of the best ways. The way I look at the world, at our ecosystems and at our history as individuals and a society has forever been changed. The value of understanding regenerative farming, sustainable practices and how to thrive while practicing permaculture principles are priceless. I am grateful for all of the instructors that shared their passions with us and continue to plant seeds of inspiration and knowledge for a brighter future.


Urbanisation poses major challenges for the development of urban and rural landscapes and how they are planned, designed and managed for future generations. Based at the campus in Uppsala, the programme attracts students from all over the world interested in sustainable urban-rural perspectives. Real-life landscape architecture project assignments are primarily obtained from Sweden and the surrounding region, but contents of theory and method are international and current in character and you will also be able to participate in trips to study landscape architecture in Europe. You will be studying together with students from other programmes and you will also have the opportunity to study courses at SLU's Alnarp campus in southern Sweden. The two Master's programmes in Landscape Architecture are strategically located in two of Sweden's most vital and expansive regions, and together they represent Europe's largest combined concentration of educational competence in landscape architecture. The programme also gives you a sound foundation for a future career in research.

Course description: Focus on a combination of environmentally friendly management tactics to develop a more holistic system that focuses on healthy landscapes.

HNC/ HND Garden & Landscape Design

Professional and Continuing Education. In the online Sustainable Landscape Design course, you will learn how to evaluate a site to understand the factors that affect plant growth, and how to match plants to the site for a more sustainable landscape. Basic design principals are also covered.

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Mission: The Certificate in Holistic Landscape Design program allows students to build upon their knowledge of medicinal and edible plants and apply this knowledge to building sustainable landscape solutions that benefit the earth and the human community. With the exception of the first summer quarter classes of Introduction to Botany, Herbal Medicine Making for All and Organic Gardening, the courses in this certificate program are offered on evenings and weekends. The program instructs students on permaculture concepts and cultivation of medicinal and edible plants. Students who complete the program will be able to develop sustainable landscapes that benefit the environment and provide utilitarian resources for the community as a whole. Applicants must have a minimum 2. Prior to enrolling, students must have completed 90 quarter credits 60 semester credits of college-level coursework.

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Landscape Architecture is the art and science of planning and designing the landscape for purposeful human use and the conservation of landscape resources. Landscape architecture considers the landscape resource as a composite of its ecological, social, and visual resources. NRCS Landscape Architects can assist with the planning, design, construction, maintenance, preservation, and conservation of landscapes for aesthetic, interpretive, functional, economic, social, environmental, and other interrelated purposes. Landscape Architecture is an integrating discipline that links biophysical sciences, engineering, and social-political sciences into holistic site and landscape scale designs. This profession utilizes creativity, artistic ability, and knowledge of allied physical planning fields of architecture and engineering, and of the biological, environmental, and social sciences to create publicly acceptable land management activities and manage landscape resources. Competencies in communication and presentation graphics have also made Landscape Architects valuable for facilitating public presentations and involvement.

Landscape design is an excellent career choice for individuals who want to combine creativity with an interest in plants and horticulture. Those who are eager to break into the job market will find plenty of opportunities to work on residential and commercial sites after earning an online landscape design certificate or associate degree. One potential career path for graduates of this program is landscape architecture. Scroll down for a comprehensive list of schools that offer online landscape design degrees.