How to take care of mexican heather plant

How to take care of mexican heather plant

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Plant Choose a planting site that receives full sunlight throughout the day. Apply a 1-inch layer of organic compost and use a garden tiller to incorporate the material into the soil, increasing drainage and fertility. Use a shovel to dig a hole of equal depth and three times as wide as the root ball. Insert the root ball into the hole and carefully cover the roots with soil. Water immediately after planting to collapse any air pockets.

Space plants at least 18 inches apart. Spread a 1-inch layer of mulch over the planting site to insulate the soil, suppress weeds and increase moisture conservation.

Start the mulch layer about 3 inches from the base of the shrub to allow air circulation and prevent fungal diseases. Water Mexican heather once every five to six days during spring, summer and fall to prevent the soil from drying out completely. Decrease watering to once every 10 days during winter, when the plant is in a state of dormancy and requires less moisture. Feed three times per year: once in early spring, again in mid-summer and finally in early fall.

Use a balanced NPK fertilizer to provide proper nutrition for rapid growth and flowering. Apply at the rate recommended by the manufacturer for the best results. Plant for front of the border, planter boxes, or grow in "drifts. Mexican heather is a dwarf shrub also known as false heather it grows natively in Mexico and Guatemala.

It also attracts butterflies with is aroma. In the United States the plant thrives as a ground cover and low hedge. Gardeners prize the shrub for its small flowers in shades of white, pink or purple, its compact growth habit and its attractive evergreen foliage.

How to Grow and Care for Heather Plants

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Mexican heather plants are also a top attractor for pollinators like bees and butterflies. One of the standout Mexican heathers is Allyson, an improved variety with showy flowers and compact size, Rodriguez said.

The greenskeeper: Mexican heather

Keep them in full sun and water them well daily. Keep them manicured — trim off the growth around the trunk, and maintain the shape of the flowering portion. According to a customer who has purchased several of these beautiful plants, they are very easy to care for and bring much pleasure! You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Any way to save a dying heather plant? Gardening Q&A with George Weigel

Photo by Proven Winners. Are you tired of planting the same humdrum mix of annuals in your garden beds and containers year after year? If so, Cuphea is just what you need to break out of your rut and rev up your summer color palette. Cuphea is gaining widespread appeal because of its outrageous array of flower colors and profiles. Although the flowers are small, they are abundant, and their vivid colors and sweet nectar make them absolutely irresistible to hummingbirds, butterflies, and other pollinators.

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Winter heathers are completely unfazed by winter. With wiry stems clothed in evergreen needles, usually deep green but sometimes in other shades, winter heathers are usually derived from Erica carnea , which grows wild in the Alps and other cool mountainous regions. They often stretch sideways to make a good, weed-suppressing ground cover. Winter heathers thrive in sun and, although they tolerate a little shade, it can make their stems stretch too much, rendering them untidy. Some varieties start to flower as early as November, while others come into bloom as late as April — January to March is usually their peak.

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Watch the video: How to grow and care of Cuphea Hyssopifolia. maxican Heather Plant in pot- Purple Flower plant